Green Card through Marriage

Green card throug marriage photo

National Immigration Law Corporation has successfully helped thousands of clients obtain their Green Cards (Legal Permanent Residence) through marriage. We provide hands-on assistance, not only representing you in front of the USCIS, but also thoroughly preparing you before your interview with the USCIS or Embassy/Consulate abroad. We have received countless thank you letters, gifts and hugs from overjoyed marriage case clients who we have helped to successfully obtain their green cards.

If both you and your foreign national Spouse are in the United States, then we can apply for permanent residence from within the United States.

If both you and your foreign national Spouse are outside the U.S., we can apply through Consular Processing at an American Consulate (or Embassy) abroad. If the US Citizen is in the United States and the foreign national Spouse is outside the United States, we normally file the immigrant petition, then apply for a K-3 Spousal Visa (so your foreign national Spouse may come the United States to join you) then file the I-485 Adjustment of Status petition with USCIS (for your foreign national Spouse’s Permanent Residence Green Card).

Call us about your marriage case, green card cases, immigrant petitions, K3 Spousal Visas or application to adjust status to legal permanent residency.