H1-B Temporary Work Visa

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H1-B Temporary Work Visa

National Immigration Law Corporation’s business immigration practice primarily assists American companies, multi-national companies and foreign nationals with obtaining work authorization for their professional workers. The most commmon visa for these companies and their employees is the H1B specialty occupation work visa.

The employees who usually receive these kinds of work visas are Engineers, Veterinarians, Veterinary Specialists, Doctors, Biologists, Scientists, Teachers, Lawyers, Professors, and other professionals.

The H-1B work visa is usually initially approved for three years. An extension of the H-1B work visa for an addition three years is possible.

There are specific time limitations to the H1B, due to a yearly quota.

Foreign national workers cannot stay beyond the six year period in H-1B visa status unless they have taken steps to begin the process of permanent residency (Green card.) If you plan to pursue legal permanent residence in the future, you must also plan ahead.

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