I751 Removal of Condition on Permanent Residence

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I751 Removal of Condition on Permanent Residence

After a foreign national has obtained “conditional permanent residency” through marriage to a U.S. Citizen, they must later go through the process of removing those conditions to obtain longer term legal permanent residency.

The USCIS typically requires personal interviews with the foreign national spouse and the U.S. Citizen, to determine whether or not a bonafide marriage relationship exists before removing permanent residency conditions.

Our office has been extremely successful in helping individuals avoid additional interviews with the USCIS by our representation through the I-751 Petition proceess.

We have successfully helped clients who are still married, as well those, who are no longer married to their U.S. citizen spouse. obtain a removal of conditions for their permanent residency. If you are now divorced, or are in the process of divorcing your US citizen spouse, but want to keep your permanent residency and remain in the United States, contact our office today.

We are usually able to determine whether or not your case will be successful with the USCIS. We are also able to advise ways to improve your case, which will greatly increase your chances of success. Let us help you obtain your long term green card. Email us at info@nationalimmigration.com to see if we can help!